Sanctuary Sign [Download]

Cannabis Assembly Statement [Download]

Sacrement Tags [Download]

Membership Card [Download]

Photo ID Card

We apologise but the card making freeware used is no longer
freeware so we shall not be able to link to it any more.

A member has kindly offered the design of a DIY photocard
for you to make yourselves. Simply save the images below, print onto card,
add your photo, and laminate. Our thanks to Zoran.

ID Front [Download]

ID Back [Download]

Membership of the Cannabis Assembly is free.

Notice for returning members.
It has been pointed out that certain of our documents bore a resemblance to those
which people may be charged up to $250 for. Although the original documents remain valid,
we would ask that all members download the updated and final versions as we would not wish our
work to be mistaken for that of groups which charge for their documents.

May we reiterate 
"The Cannabis Assembly does not and will not charge for anything,
or request cash donations for any reason."

All text and artwork on this site remains under the intellectual copyright of the CA.
Whilst we allow free copying of our work, please ensure correct referencing in it's use.

'faith and patience'

© Cannabis Assembly, 2009